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The Bulgarian army is looking for new armored vehicles


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As of February 2019, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense announced that the purchase of 150 new wheeled armored vehicles for the country’s mechanized brigade would be postponed. The end of December 2019 is the target date for the Bulgarian army to select a winner for the new armored vehicles.

Proposals to spend €1.75 billion on rearmament plans were put out by the Bulgarian defense ministry between 2017 and 2029. A total of €610 million will be spent on the procurement of modern combat planes, multi-purpose modular patrol vessels, and military equipment for the ground forces, all at a cost of €750 million.

The BTR-60PB 8×8 troop carrier and the BRDM-2 4×4 armored vehicles are two examples of the Soviet-made wheeled armored vehicles now used by the Bulgarian armed forces. BTR-60PB-MD was constructed as part of this endeavor and boasts a new engine, an improved hull design that includes side doors, and an increased level of protection.

The Piranha 5 from General Dynamics European Land Systems, the AMV from Patria, the Boxer from ARTEC (Rheinmetall Krauss-Maffei Wegmann), the VBCI from Nexter, and the AMV from General Dynamics European Land Systems will be displayed by the four selected candidates.

There is a deadline of December 20, 2019, set by the Defense Ministry for an interdepartmental working committee to review and evaluate the proposals that have been submitted. For a total of twelve years, the contract will be implemented.

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