Chaos in the Caucasus: Azerbaijan attacked Armenia


Battles began between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Azeri soldiers advancing into some parts of Armenia after Azerbaijan attacked Armenia positions today with its mechanized military divisions.

Armenia is expected to formally seek Russia’s military assistance if no solution is found.

Armenia has reported about 15 casualties and has also lost two battle positions on the border, there are casualties on the Azeri side as well, and 12 Armenian prisoners are reported with information saying that the Armenian army has captured also an unspecified number of Azeri soldiers.

It seems that Azerbaijan attacked Armenia in order to try to succeed in uniting with its Nakhichevan region.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within Azerbaijan

At the moment there is no decisive reaction on the part of Russia, we do not know whether there is an official activation of the request for defense assistance by Armenia.

The fighting is in full swing and at the same time, a Turkish UAV is flying near the border with Armenia, while a readiness alarm was sounded at the Russian base in Armenia.

The Armenian Ministry of Defence announced that: “From 16:00 in the afternoon (Armenian time) the situation on the eastern border remains ‘extremely tense’. As a result of the fighting that began as a result of Azerbaijan’s attack on Armenian positions. There are many dead and wounded.

Information about the victims is still being checked, the loss of 2 Armenian battle positions is confirmed. The actions of the Armenian army caused heavy casualties of personnel and material to Azerbaijani forces.” the statement of the Defense Ministry of Armenia concludes.


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