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Cyprus: Nautical GEO continues its research activities with new NAVTEX


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According to cyprusdefense.gr, the Search and Rescue Coordination Center of Cyprus has issued a new NAVTEX for Nautical Geo that will conduct research within the Cyprus EEZ from October 29 to November 10.

MarineTraffic already shows that Nautical Geo has started its research activities.

Despite the provocative objections of Turkey, Cyprus and Greece seem determined to continue conducting research activities in the region.

As we have already informed you in GEOPOLITIKI.COM, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Cyprus, Natasa Pileidou, stated in a recent interview that in November ExxonMobil is expected to start drilling in plot 10 to confirm the amount of natural gas contained in this field.

The Cypriot minister had also pointed out that the joint venture of the French Total and the Italian Eni will start drilling in the first half of next year.


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