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China warns: “US undermines peace in Taiwan”


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China protested strongly against the United States after a US destroyer entered the Taiwan Strait a few days ago.

China warns: "US undermines peace in Taiwan"
Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

“The USS Sampson Arleigh Burke-class destroyer made a crossing of the Taiwan Straits on April 26 through international waters in accordance with international law.

The passage of the ship through the Strait of Taiwan demonstrates the commitment of the United States to a free and open Indo-Pacific. The United States Army is flying, sailing, and operating wherever international law allows,” said the Seventh Fleet of the United States Navy, based in Japan.

China warns: "US undermines peace in Taiwan"
PHOTO: by picryl

“Frequent US provocations have sent the wrong message to the Taiwan independence forces and have deliberately undermined peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. “We are strongly opposing this,” said Shi Yi, a spokesman for the Chinese military, in response to a statement from the US Navy.

Shi Yi also said that China was monitoring the American ship throughout its passage.

“The Taiwan issue is at the core of China’s interests. “We will not allow – and will strongly oppose any intervention by outside forces,” said Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for Taiwan’s Affairs Bureau.

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