Russia warns Western countries not to “test its patience”


Russia has warned Western countries not to “test her patience” after the United States and the United Kingdom formally backed Ukraine’s right to strike Russian territory following a series of fires on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Russia warns Western countries not to "test its patience"
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Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman has accused the West of openly urging Ukraine to attack the country and said on Thursday that Western countries should heed Moscow’s warnings that any strike would result in a “strong response”.

“The West is openly calling on Kyiv to launch an attack on Russia using weapons supplied by NATO countries,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters during a news conference in Moscow.

“We strongly warn you not to test our patience anymore,” Zakharova added.

Η Ρωσία προειδοποιήσε τις δυτικές χώρες να μην «δοκιμάζουν την υπομονή της»
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These statements were made after the U.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antony Blinken, stated that Ukraine had the right to respond in retaliation to Russian targets on Russian territory.

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