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Chinese ZTZ-99A tank crews are now using guided missile weapons


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The Chinese ZTZ-99A tank crews are now using guided missile weapons as an extra option to destroy their enemies.

These combat vehicles, also known as Type 99A, are equipped with 125mm modifications of the Russian 2A46 smooth-bore guns. Now It can also fire laser-guided ammunition through the barrel of the gun.

It is known that such missiles can destroy targets at distances of more than 5,000 meters, and gunner operators have the opportunity to search not only for various armored vehicles but also for low-flying enemy helicopters.

Given the successes of the Chinese industry in creating third-generation missiles, such as the HJ-12 complexes, it is possible that tank ammunition will appear in the foreseeable future, operating with the “shoot and forget” tactic.

Lighter ATGMs are also included in the ammunition of the latest modifications of the Type 59A medium tanks and ZBD-04 infantry fighting vehicles. Apparently, there is also a version with a caliber of 105 mm.

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