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Co-training of the armed forces of France and Greece


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Co-training of the armed forces of France and Greece took place in the previous days in the framework of the operation “CLEMENCEAU 22” and the exercises “LA SIRENE 22” and “INIOCHOS 22”.

Co-training of the armed forces of France and Greece

Specifically, according to HNDGS, from Thursday 31 March to Saturday 2 April 2022 and in the framework of the French operation “CLEMENCEAU 22”, the Aeronautical Exercise “LA SIRENE 22” and the Exercise “INIOCHOS 22”, joint training of the Armed Forces was held. with units of the Escort Team Task Force 473 (TF 473) of the French Aircraft Carrier CHARLES DE GAULLE, in the sea area of ​​the Southern Ionian, Kythera, and the Southwestern Aegean.

In this Co-Training by the Greek Armed Forces took part the frigates HYDRA and SPETSAI, the fast attack crafts ROUSSEN and DEGIANNIS, and the Submarines PAPANIKOLIS and OCEANOS.

Co-training of the armed forces of France and Greece
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The Navy Task Force 473 in addition to the Aircraft carrier CHARLES DE GAULLE includes the French Destroyers FORBIN, NORMANDIE, and ALSACE, the French General Support Ship MARNE, as well as the US Destroyer USS ROSS.

“During the joint training, advanced surface warfare exercises were conducted with fire, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defense items, composition and exchange of tactical image, communications, advanced maneuvers as well as training objects in dealing with threats of all kinds.”

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