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USCIRF (Nadine Maenza): “Turkey and jihadists endanger Syrian Christians”


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Nadine Maenza, head of the US-based Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), has expressed serious concern about the transfer of Turkish troops to Syria, which has risen sharply in recent days.

Turkey is threatening to launch a new military campaign in northern Syria, with the US official stressing that “Turkey’s escalation of military action greatly endangers Christians and other communities already devastated by both Turkey’s and ISIS’ campaigns.”

In fact, Nadine Maenza directly compared Turkey with the jihadists with the above words, is something that is rarely done by US officials and shows the low level of relations they have with Turkey.

A written statement posted on the USCIRF social media accounts urges the US government to “immediately stop Turkey from ending all attacks that adversely affect religious and ethnic minorities in northern and eastern Syria.”

As a quick reminder, we have already informed you that Turkey is on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force for money laundering and terrorist financing.

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