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Erdogan cried foul at Macron over Greek Rafale & Belharra


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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to Turkish journalists on Monday during his flight from Rome to Ankara. Among other things, Erdogan spoke about the meetings he had on the sidelines of the G20 summit with Joe Biden and Emanuel Macron.

He even mentioned that he pointed out to both presidents his annoyance for the base in Alexandroupolis and to Macron he also said that Greece is fooling him and has no money for Rafales and Belharras.

Specifically, Erdogan said:Greece is setting up a military base in Alexandroupolis and buying weapons from France. I spoke with both Biden and Mr Macron about this. I said: What is this in Alexandroupolis? Creating a base there seriously bothers us and our people.

“They have money,” Macron told me about the Rafales. I told him: “Look, they are deceiving you. They do not have money. “I know that Greece owes the West 400 billion.” Our only concern with these developments is that we as Turkey will be strong.”

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