Erdogan is trapped between Syria and F-35


The Turkish Council of Ministers met today to discuss developments regarding possible operations in Syria, the issue of F-35s, and economic developments following the sharp fall of the Turkish lira.

The council will be chaired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the latest developments in the Syrian issue are extremely dangerous for Turkey and the so-called military operation that Erdogan wanted to launch, seems to have been frozen in the aftermath of Russia’s and the US moves in favor of the Kurds.

Problems have also arisen over compensation for Turkish F-35s as the US appears reluctant to give Erdogan F-16s or give him back the money Turkey has invested, which would be direct aid to financially ruined Turkey.

We remind you that Russia, as we informed you, reinforced the Kurdish forces with hundreds of mines placed in the areas that Turkey threatens to invade, but also the USA sent at least 50 trucks full of weapons to the Kurdish YPG, according to the Turks.

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