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SKOPJE: VMRO may provoke even an armed conflict with Greece


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The Treaty of Prespa is a reality that no one can ignore was stated by the leader of the VMRO party that constitutes the main opposition, but he still refuses to use the word “North” in the name of its country.

“You can not expect me to repeat the designation “North” like Zoran Zaev. I will never do that.

However, the Prespa agreement, which brings with it a specific reality – we are part of this Parliament, we participate in elections in the country, we are part of a reality which unfortunately was adopted by Zoran Zaev – we can not ignore it, we can not be hypocrites and to say that it is not a reality “, said the VMRO politician in an interview on a TV channel on Sunday.

VMRO is currently the most powerful party in the small Balkan state that is currently called “North Macedonia” after the treaty of Prespa with Greece that clarified that North Macedonia has no relation with ancient Greek Macedonia and holds the name “North Macedonia” just as a geographical designation and possesses high hopes of organizing a new government in this Balkan state.

The problem is that based on the previous statement of the VMRO leader if he manages to create a government he will violate the agreement & its most important part for Greece which is the fact that this new Balkan state has no connection with Alexander the Great or ancient Macedonian (Greek) history.

If the agreement is violated it will really test “Greek nerves”, with Greece requesting the removal of North Macedonia from NATO which joined with the Prespa agreement, giving the perfect reason for the Greek Armed Forces to intervene against this hostile move.

This move would even benefit Greek politicians as the country would show that take’s seriously every provocation and can use even “hard” military force against its adversaries.

War is something that no one wishes to happen but when the diplomatic effort stops, military operations start.

As a quick reminder:

The Agreement not only includes provisions for the elimination of irredentism and revisionism on the part of the neighboring country but also related amendments to the Preamble of its Constitution and Article 3 and Article 49.

Renouncement, on the part of North Macedonia, of any claim of a relationship with Ancient Macedonia, and the Hellenic historical and cultural heritage. In Article 7 (4), the two Parties “note that the official language and other attributes of the of North Macedonia bear no relation to the ancient Hellenic civilization, history, culture, and heritage of the northern region of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)”.

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