Furious Erdogan: “Israel’s end is near – They are immoral animals” says Turkish President


In a speech to his party (AKP) in Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again criticized Israel’s actions in the ongoing conflict with Hamas, accusing it of being a ‘terrorist state’.

During the parliamentary group meeting, Erdogan stated: ‘I say it clearly here: Israel is a terrorist state.’ Escalating his rhetoric further, Erdogan called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reveal Israel’s nuclear capabilities. ‘Your end is near, anyway, whether you have nuclear weapons or not,’ he added. The Turkish president also accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza.

Furious Erdogan: "Israel's end is near - They are immoral animals" says Turkish President
Photo by Recep Tayyip Erdogan (x)

Erdogan defended Hamas, describing it as a political party unjustly deprived of its rights by Israel aand the USA. Additionally, he expressed his sorrow for the unwavering support of the USA and Western countries for Israel’s actions, which, he said, include deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure and forced displacement.

Furthermore, he called the Israelis immoral animals: ‘Those who have lost everything in terms of morals, conscience, and honor are not humans, but can only be called “Bel hum adal” (lower than animals).'”

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