Erdogan: “As long as I am President, Sweden – Finland will not join NATO”


Speaking to reporters on his return from Azerbaijan, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said last week’s talks on Finland and Sweden joining NATO “did not reached the desired level”.

Explaining that the two countries have expectations from these talks, Erdogan countered that they have not taken the necessary measures to meet Turkey’s demands and stressed that terrorists are still walking the streets of Stockholm while Sweden is protecting them.

“They are not honest or clear. “We can not repeat the mistakes made in the past and accept countries that accept and feed such terrorists into NATO, which is a security organization,” he said.

Erdogan: "As long as I am President, Sweden - Finland will not join NATO"
Photo by FinnishGovernment, CC BY 2.0

“As long as Tayyip Erdogan is the leader of the Republic of Turkey, we certainly can not say ‘yes’ to the entry into NATO of countries that support terrorism,” he concluded.

It is recalled that Finland and Sweden formally applied for NATO membership a few weeks ago, seeking to strengthen their security after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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