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Fierce Russian airstrikes: At least 200 Islamist terrorists dead in Palmyra

avion chasse russie su

Russian fighter jets launched multiple airstrikes against an Islamist terrorists’ training camp east of Palmyra, destroying 24 vehicles and killing up to 200 militants, the Russian army announced.

The Islamists’ camouflaged camp in the Syrian desert was spotted by Russian Aerospace Forces and got completely destroyed, Rear Admiral Aleksandr Karpov, deputy head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, told reporters on Monday.

The Russian rear admiral accused the U.S. of letting their points of control being used by Islamist terrorists. He said:

“Their training takes place in terrorist training camps in territories outside the control of the Syrian authorities, including the Al-Tanf area, which is controlled by the US military,” the Russian rear admiral said.

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