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Turkey threatens to occupy Greek territories and “teach the American army how to swim in the Aegean”

Mesut Hakki Casin, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s foreign policy adviser, threatened once again that Turkey is going to occupy Greek territories.

He specifically said:

“Our grandparents planted trees there (in Alexandroupolis). The U.S. gave 1200 armored vehicles to Greece. Used vehicles, American garbage. Some are good only for spare parts. If Greece militarises the islands and shoots us with these weapons, they will become our spoils, as we did in Cyprus

I told the cauldronheads (the US) as well. You bring weapons to the PKK on the Syrian border. With these methods, designed for intimidation, it is wrong for Biden to surround Turkey with Crete, the Aegean, Cyprus, and Alexandroupolis.”

It should be reminded that Mesut Hakki had previously stated:

“About Crete. I’ve said it 10 times before about the island of Crete. It is a small island with a length of 260 kilometers and a width of 65. With U.S. air defense deployed there and they can’t control the area. Or in Alexandroupolis. Two of our battalions will enter there and teach the Americans how to swim in the waters of the Aegean.”

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