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France Supports the Strengthening of The Greek Armed Forces

France Supports the Strengthening of The Greek Armed Forces

On April 10th, 2023, in Alexandroupoli, the French captain Claire Pothier, commander of the FREMM “Languedoc”, welcomed several important figures, including Patrick Maisonnave, Ambassador of France to Greece, Sandrine Mouchet, Consul General in Thessaloniki, and Commander Olivier Madiot, Defense Attache of the French Embassy.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss France’s plans to strengthen its presence in the area of ​​Alexandroupoli following the steps of the USA.

In addition to the aforementioned guests, the French Embassy announced the presence of Dimitris Petrovich, deputy governor of Evros, Konstantinos Hatzimichael, president of the Alexandroupolis Port Authority, Major General Bakirtzis, commander of the 12th army division, and other important personalities.

The French Ambassador sent a message in all directions from the French frigate, stating that France will strengthen its presence in the Alexandroupoli area after the USA.

He further elaborated that there have never been more dockings of French warships in Greece in the past, and that joint military exercises, especially of the Navy and the Air Force, have never been so frequent and intense. These activities contribute to the strengthening of familiarity between French and Greek soldiers, and enhance the interoperability of our forces.

In doing so, France practically supports the strengthening of the Greek armed forces.

The Ambassador emphasized that Greece faces an unstable regional environment, with multiple challenges to its own sovereignty.

However, as a member of the European Union, Greece’s challenges are challenges for all Europeans. Therefore, France’s presence in the area and its support for Greece’s military strengthening is in line with the broader goal of a stable and secure Europe.

Overall, this meeting highlighted the close ties between France and Greece, as well as France’s commitment to the security and stability of the region. It also reflects the broader trend of increasing collaboration and cooperation among European Union member states in the face of shared challenges.

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