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French Navy Successfully Tests HELMA-P Laser Weapon System to Counter Enemy Drones


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In a new achievement for modern naval warfare, the French Government Defence procurement and technology agency, the French Navy, and CILAS, a renowned laser technology company, have conducted a series of successful tests of the HELMA-P laser weapon system according to a recent announcement by the French Navy.

The trials took place aboard the French frigate Forbin (D620) in the Mediterranean from June 12 to 14, marking a significant leap forward in combating the asymmetric threats posed by modern naval warfare.

The integration of drones into military operations has become a critical element in contemporary conflicts, including naval engagements. Recognizing the gravity of this evolving threat, the French Navy, in collaboration with other branches of the military and the DGA, has been actively working towards developing effective countermeasures.

Building upon its previous accomplishments in land trials conducted in 2020 and 2021, the HELMA-P system once again showcased its remarkable capabilities by successfully neutralizing enemy drones during the sea trials.

HELMA-P against Drone threats

This demonstration reaffirms the system’s effectiveness in countering unmanned aerial vehicles and paves the way for further advancements and future integration of the HELMA-P prototype onto French Navy vessels, as stated in an official French Navy announcement.

Drones possess the potential to be employed for surveillance missions or even direct attacks on naval ships. The recent tests of the HELMA-P laser weapon system attest to its ability to effectively counter such threats, thereby enhancing the defense capabilities of the French Navy.

The successful implementation of the HELMA-P system represents a significant milestone in naval warfare, as it equips naval forces with an advanced weapon system capable of addressing the challenges posed by hostile drones. By leveraging laser technology, the French Navy is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to ensure the safety and security of its naval assets.

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