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Gaza’s new rocket barrage against Israel – IAF hit members of the Hamas leadership

Gaza's new rocket barrage against Israel - IAF hit members of the Hamas leadership - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

A new barrage of rockets has begun in various regions of Israel but at the moment we do not see a significant number of rockets being launched possibly due to the IAF’s action against launchers in Gaza.

Hamas issued a statement saying that from 21:00 to 23:00 new rocket barrage will strike Israel.

Already an hour ago 140 rockets were fired against Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu however rejected a proposal for a ceasefire by Egypt.

It is also recalled that the Israeli Air Force fighter jets recently attacked a 14-story building in the southern Gaza Strip that housed the Hamas organization’s military intelligence offices.

“The Hamas terrorist organization used the building as a communications infrastructure used to transmit regular-military messages from terrorist organizations. The Air Force will continue to attack terrorist targets for as long as necessary and act to protect the residents of the State of Israel.” the Israeli Air Force announcedย on Twitter.

Israeli air force aircraft also attacked a group of Hamas operatives in the central Gaza Strip. This group was attacked during preparations for rocket launches on Israel.


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