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German Ambassador defended Greece against Turkey’s new provocation, but is it enough?


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On the occasion of Devlet Bahçeli’s extremely provocative maps that showed Aegean islands, including Kastellorizo ​​and Crete under the Turkish rule and the Greek Prime Minister’s tweet condemning this map, the German Ambassador made statement.

German Ambassador Ernst Reichel said about the map:
“Germany’s position is clear: Any questioning of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Greece is unacceptable” said the German Ambassador.

Although, whilst Reichel says these words, Germany is behind some of Turkey’s most critical military supplies such as the submarines that Turkey is receiving soon.

Turkey doesn’t buy these weapons without Germany knowing who it will use them against. Turkey will use every German weapon it has acquired in recent years against Greece and Cyprus, as it is a revisionist power that some stubbornly arm despite dozens of proof of its brutality towards its neighbors.

In short, we believe it was a nice gesture by Mr. Reichel’s side to defend Greece in his statement, but we also think that much more needs to be done to really support Greece and Cyprus in the face of Turkey’s always provocative behaviour.

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