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Greece signed the extension of Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States


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Today, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias signed the extension of the Defense Cooperation (MDCA) with the United States during his visit to the State Department in Washington.

“We had a cordial & productive conversation with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, which sealed the strategic nature of Greek-American relations. Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, the West were examined. Balkans, Indo-Pacific, Climate Change & Prospects for Multilateral Cooperation. ” said Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in a post on Twitter

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement generally describes what they signed without going into details:

“Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias & US Secretary of State A. Blinken sign 2nd Protocol of Amendment to the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement. Opening new prospects for deepening the strategic relationship rooted in shared values and principles between Greece & the United States. Demonstrating concretely our steadfast resolve to defend sovereignty & territorial integrity both against actions threatening peace and armed aggression”

Greek Foreign minister in his remarks said: “In the Eastern Mediterranean, where Greece is facing a casus belli, a threat with war if it exercises its sovereign rights, and I have to say, Greece is facing daily provocations.” explaining the daily provocations by Turkey against Greece.


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