GREEK C-130s FOR MAINTENANCE IN ISRAEL: What the Greek Minister of National Defence has said


Answering a question on “Factory maintenance of Greek C-130 aircrafts in Israel” submitted to the Parliament by a member of the Movement for Change, the Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos referred to the “alternatives to solve the urgent problem” of factory maintenance of c-130 aircrafts of the Hellenic Air Force.

The Minister of Defense stated that “if Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI )were able to guarantee the timely and timely maintenance, repair and return to PA of C130, it would not be necessary for PA (Hellenic Airforce) to look for solutions outside the scope of HAI’s capabilities.

Given the low availability of aircraft and the unsatisfactory performance of HAI in terms of maintenance and performance in the Air Force, so far, the Ministry of Defense is considering alternatives to solve the urgent problem.

As part of this exploratory initiative, a proposal was submitted by the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the maintenance and performance of the PA three C-130s within a specific and binding schedule “.

“Currently, the procedures for approving the activation of a sub-program for the conclusion of a transnational agreement following negotiations with the Government of Israel under Law 4705/20120, for the undertaking by the IAI company to undertake the dismantling and transfer to the facilities of the company in Israel and the execution of 6 years of factory maintenance of three C-130H aircraft in order to make them capable of flying. Regarding the final cost, this will be determined after the completion of the negotiation “, the minister added.

“The approval of the relevant sub-program by the Greek Parliament does not automatically imply the phase of its activation and implementation. The relevant decision will depend on the possibility of HAI to implement the proposal it has submitted. ” stressed.

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