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GREEK Stealth UAV “LOTUS”: Coming soon in the Aegean Sea


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On 05 July 2021 they were signed, under the authority of the Greek Minister of National Defence, the Contracts of Research and Development Programmes “Development of Software-Defined Mobile Ad-hoc Tactical Network Devices and Testbed – SMOTANET” and “Low Observable Tactical Unmanned Air System – LOTUS” between Greek Army and a consortium of European entities coordinated by the domesticGreek company “Intracom Defense – IDE”.

As we have mentioned before in GEOPOLITIKI.COM, LOTUS is a unique opportunity for Greece to demonstrate its ability both in the production of cutting-edge technologies, in the manufacture of composite materials and in the implementation of secure communications, as well as in the coordination of domestic and foreign partners by private and public bodies.

The program’s UAV has a number of innovative features, including:

  • non-detection by enemy forces due to its stealth design
  • ability to operate in a long range and away from enemy threats
  • airworthiness and interoperability based on NATO standards
  • reliable telecommunications
  • using artificial intelligence algorithms
  • cybersecurity and scalability

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