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Hellenic Air Force General Staff: Northrop Grumman Introduces Litening Pod


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On Friday, according to a recent announcement by the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, Northrop Grumman presented the Litening targeting pod and its capabilities.

Specifically, the announcement of the Greek Ministry of Defense states:

“On Friday, July 29, 2022, an online meeting took place at the Hellenic Air Force General Staff with representatives of the company “Northrop Grumman”, Mr. James Ackelson (Director LITENING Program), Mr. Edward Barbour (Manager LITENING Program) and Mr. Wiame Legsai (Sr Regional Manager Business Development Europe), with relevant Hellenic Air Force staff.

The purpose of the online meeting was the presentation, on behalf of the company, of the capabilities of the Litening Pod that it manufactures” the announcement concludes.

Acquiring modern targeting pods like Litening for the Hellenic Air Force is expected to significantly upgrade its capabilities.

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