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Hellenic Army: Discussions for LORA missiles and Loitering Munitions


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A presentation by representatives of the company ALTUS, on Loitering Munitions and the LORA missile system took place on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Hellenic Army General Staff, according to an announcement by the Greek Ministry of Defense.

Hellenic Army: Discussions for LORA missiles and Loitering Munitions
The Rotem L Loitering Munition made by the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Photo taken during the 2018 Asian Defence and Security (ADAS) Trade Show at the World Trade Center in Pasay, Metro Manila. | PHOTO: By Rhk111 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 WIKIMEDIA

Loitering Munitions (also known as kamikaze drones) is a class of weapon systems in which ammunition orbits a target area for a period of time and attacks when the target is located.

Loitering Munitions are characterized as something between a cruise missile and unmanned aerial vehicles (UCAVs), as it has features in common with both.

The LORA missile system is a ballistic missile system built in Israel with a range of 400 kilometers and a CEP of 10 meters. In 2018 the system was purchased by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and used in 2020 in the Artsakh war.

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