Hezbollah Strikes Greek Orthodox Church in Northern Israel: Violent Clashes and IDF Response


On the Israel-Lebanon border, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hezbollah fighters engaged in intense clashes, impacting as well a Greek Orthodox Church in Israel. This escalation involved rocket launches, anti-tank missiles, and an unmanned kamikaze drone. These attacks occurred amid high regional tensions following Israel’s recent neutralization of an IRGC member in Syria.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for at least seven attacks against Israel on Tuesday. A notable incident was Hezbollah’s rocket strike on the Greek Orthodox Church of Iqrit in northern Israel, resulting in civilian injuries. When IDF troops responded, Hezbollah fired rockets and missiles, wounding nine soldiers, one critically.

In response, IDF troops targeted a Hezbollah site in Lebanon and a building linked to the church attack, from which the rockets were allegedly launched. This Israeli airstrike against Hezbollah was reportedly recorded by the Israeli Defense Forces.

These events are unfolding in a context of increased regional tensions and fears of a broader conflict. The recent incident in Syria, where an Israeli airstrike led to the death of an IRGC member, has added to these concerns, raising the possibility of a regional war.

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