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HUGE BASE OF UAE IN EGYPT: Major developments in the region


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The United Arab Emirates has moved its military base from Eritrea to a new location in the southernmost part of the Red Sea.

According to Sentinel Hub-2L satellite images, the UAE built the base on Yemen’s Myon Island in the Bab al-Mandab strait.

An Al-Jazeera investigation said the UAE is dismantling its military base in Eritrea and moving its military facilities to Myon Island in Yemen and the Sidi Barani base on the EgyptLibya border.

The investigation says the UAE transported more than 1,300 military vehicles from the Assab base in Eritrea to Sidi Barani near the Egyptian border with Libya.

Satellite images showed that the number of vehicles in Sidi Barani was five times higher than the previous year.

Satellite images from the AP confirmed the evacuation of the UAE military base in Assab, Eritrea.

The base was established in late 2015 to serve as a base and supply center for Emirates forces participating in the Saudi-led coalition’s military operations in Yemen.

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