Huge exercise of the Indian Navy in full swing “TROPEX 21”


The two-year “Operational Readiness Exercise (TROPEX)” aims to validate the Indian Navy’s offensive and defensive capabilities and safeguard India’s national interests.

The Indian Navy is conducting a major war game involving almost all of its operational units such as warships, submarines and aircraft over a vast geographical area of ​​the Indian Ocean to test its combat readiness in a complex multidimensional scenario. Indian officials said Wednesday.

The Indian Navy’s biggest war game, called TROPEX 21, which started in early January, is in full swing with the participation of all operational units, the Indian Navy announced.

The exercise sends a deterrent message to Pakistan and China from the Indian Navy about who is in command in the Indian Ocean.

“The TROPEX exercise is evolving in different phases that are also testing the Indian Navy’s transition from peacetime to hostilities,” the Indian Navy said in a statement.

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