Russian forces searching for Israeli soldiers remains of battle of Sultan Yacoub in Syria


The area of ​​the Yarmouk cemetery in Syria has been declared a closed military zone as Russian forces conducted operations in search of dead Israeli soldiers, a report according to the Times of Israel reported.

The first reports of this activity were received on Saturday by Israeli media, which speculate that if the remains of the missing soldiers Feldman and Katz are found, they will be returned to Israel, as part of the improvement of relations between Russia and Israel.

The Battle of Sultan Yacoub 39 years ago was a skirmish between the Israeli and Syrian armies in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

As a result, during the battle Israel suffered 21 casualties and more than 30 were wounded. Several Israeli soldiers were found dead by Lebanese and Syrians who were allegedly buried near the Yarmouk cemetery in Syria.

Furthermore, the cemetery was also thoroughly searched by jihadists who searched for the remains of the Israeli soldiers in order to present them as spoils of war.

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