Armenia is manufacturing domestic offensive UAVs


Armenian kamikaze drones and other types of offensive drones are being tested and will then undergo combat tests before serial production, said High Technology Minister Hakob Arshakyan at a press conference.

Arshakyan recalled that the government has recognized the defense industry as a priority since the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Arshakyan said there were dozens of funded projects for UAV development as part of science-research programs.”Some of them are now coming to an end. We are already achieving industrial capabilities in both aggressive UAVs and reconnaissance. UAVs that do not lag behind in parameters from similar aircraft and can already be built in Armenia,” he said, adding that these Armenian aircraft have been widely used by the Armenian army in the Nagorno-Karabak war.

He said the ammunition fired by the attacking UAVs passed the state tests and the process is expected to be followed by military tests.

Arshakyan said radar technologies developed by Armenia and used in air defense equipment have also been used successfully.

“In this direction, we will continue the financing in the radar systems, communication systems but also in the laser systems. As far as optical surveillance systems are concerned, we also have rather serious developments, and we will soon expand it in order to create more opportunities for both our military supplies and our exports,” the minister concluded.

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