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“I WILL DESTROY THEM” | Erdogan sent a message to the Kurds of YPG


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Erdogan seems to be very upset after the recent attack in Syria that claimed the lives of two members of the Turkish police special forces after he threatened to eliminate any threat in northern Syria.

Erdogan, who blamed the attack on the Kurdish YPG, as did other members of his government, said on Monday that the attack was the last straw.

The rocket attack on the Turkish vehicle was followed by another attack with explosive devices, which reportedly landed and exploded in southern Turkey, on the border with Syria.

“We have no patience left in relation to some areas in Syria, which tend to be sources of attacks against our country,” the Turkish president told reporters.

“We are determined to eliminate the threats coming from Syria by any means. “The recent attack on our police and the harassment of our territory is the last straw,” Erdogan added.

However, Kurdish forces denied that they played an active role in the attack as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied involvement in an explosion in a village near the Syrian town of Jarabulus that killed three people and injured six.

Moreover, they denied being involved in an attack near the Turkish border.

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