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INDIAN NAVY CHIEF: Third aircraft carrier absolutely necessary for the Indian Navy

INS Vikramaditya R with a Sea Harrier

Speaking to press agencies on the Indian Navy Day, Admiral Karambir maintained that they will move a formal case to the government for a third aircraft carrier after collecting technical information.

“We have sent out certain RFIs (Request for Information) to gather information. Once we have collated them we will go in for the AON (Acceptance of Necessity). We all know that air operations are integral to naval operations and air power at sea is required here and now,” Admiral Karabir said in response to a question by THE WEEK.

India currently has one aircraft carrier the INS Vikramaditya, acquired from Russia in 2013.

The country’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier is being built in Cochin Shipyard and is assumed to join the Indian navy by next year.

“We are very clear that airpower at sea is required. If you are a nation that has aspirations and wants to be a $5 trillion economy and do not want to be tethered to the shores…aircraft carriers are absolutely essential,” Admiral Karambir said.

Navy chief said, added that attempts to change the status quo on the northern border have increased the complexities in our security situation.

Recently, the Indian Navy acquired two MQ9B Predator drones on lease from General Atomics of the United States, as MQ 9 has a surveillance endurance of over 33 hours.