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Friday, May 20, 2022

In Gaza, four-armed Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army.

Israeli army claimed responsibility for the deaths of four heavily armed Palestinians who attempted to cross the Gaza border and throw a grenade at its troops early on Saturday.

After regular mass protests began in March 2018, clashes have been common along the Gaza border, but Saturday’s exchange was unusual due to Palestinian involvement in the use of heavy weapons.

An army statement said that the terrorists had AK-47 assault rifles, RPG grenade launchers, and hand grenades.

One of the terrorists scaled the barrier and threw a grenade at soldiers, according to a spokeswoman.

There were no Israeli casualties in this incident.

The Israeli army has responded violently and fatally to Palestinian demonstrations at the Gaza border calling for the lifting of Israel’s more than a decade-old blockade.

Israel has killed more than 300 Palestinians since March 2018, the majority of them during protests in Gaza and the border area.

In addition, seven Israelis were killed.

In recent months, the intensity of the protests has decreased following an UN-Egyptian truce.

In exchange for peace along the border, Israel agreed to ease some of its blockade measures.

The Israeli army has claimed that most of the attacks have been carried out by lone wolves.

Assault rifles and hand grenades were brought into Israel from Gaza by a Palestinian who wanted to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed by Israeli fire on August 1. A soldier was killed and three Israeli soldiers were wounded, according to the Israeli military’s statement.

A major flare-up in the Palestinian territories is seen as undesirable by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel prepares for a snap election on September 17, which will be Israel’s second in the current calendar year.

In the event of a significant attack, he will almost certainly be under political pressure to act decisively.

Since 2008, Israel and Hamas have engaged in three wars.

Palestinians are gearing up for the Feast of Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha when the border incident occurred.

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