Israeli company to manufacture self-driving combat vehicles for the British Army


Israel Aerospace Industries has achieved a deal to manufacture self-driving combat vehicles for the British Army, which will be manufactured in cooperation with another British company.

This was announced by the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post”, noting that the Israeli arms company will collaborate with the British company “MLC”, which specializes in the manufacture of advanced military electronics.

The Israeli newspaper said, in a report on the deal, that the deal includes the manufacture of 4 self-driving combat vehicles in order to increase the combat capabilities of the British Army in this field, according to what the two companies had announced earlier.

The vehicle manufactured by the Israeli and British companies is called “RPV”, and it can be driven remotely or by a human element, or work in an autonomous way. The newspaper pointed out that the aim of the British Army’s acquisition of these vehicles is to support the ability of the ground forces in many tasks, most notably evacuating the wounded from the battlefields and providing a safe way to support the fighting forces with ammunition without risking sending human elements.

This vehicle, which Israel participates in manufacturing, can also be utilized to transfer some military equipment from one location to another, in addition to participating in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and targeting.

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