Israel’s Ceasefire Proposal for Gaza Reportedly Rejected by Hamas


Hamas is reported to have rejected Israel’s proposal for a two-month ceasefire, insisting on its longstanding position for a permanent end to the war and complete withdrawal of Israel from the Gaza Strip. This proposal from Israel aimed to secure the release of all hostages held by Hamas since October 7 of the previous year.

The information about Hamas’ rejection of the Israeli proposal comes from a senior Egyptian official who spoke to the Associated Press on Tuesday. According to the same official, Hamas leaders insisted on their demand for a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Despite these developments, Israel has not yet confirmed the rejection of its ceasefire proposal by Hamas. Israeli officials, speaking anonymously to Israel’s Channel 12, stated that they have not been officially informed about Hamas’ decision.

According to Israel’s proposal, leaders of Hamas in Gaza, including Yahya Sinwar, would be allowed to relocate to other countries. Furthermore, the proposal included the release of a significant number of Palestinian prisoners by Israel.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Majed Al Ansari, expressed optimism in a press conference on Tuesday for the potential achievement of an agreement between the two sides in the future. “We are engaged in serious discussions with both sides. We have presented ideas to both parties. We are receiving a continuous flow of responses from both sides, and this in itself is a cause for optimism,” said Al Ansari.

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