Over 100 Hamas Members Eliminated in Khan Yunis, Israel Reports + VIDEO


Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip – The spokesperson for the Israeli Army, in a briefing a few hours ago, stated that today over 100 Hamas members were successfully eliminated in the area of Western Khan Yunis. The Army Spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, confirmed the high number of Hamas casualties, essentially presenting Israel’s response to Hamas following an attack that resulted in the death of 21 IDF soldiers.

“Our forces are fighting bravely, using various methods… and with close air support as well as intelligence support,” said Hagari, emphasizing the tactics employed by the IDF. He also highlighted the complex and densely populated landscape of Western Khan Yunis, describing it as a significant stronghold of Hamas, which the Hamas forces use to launch attacks against the Israeli Army troops.

This announcement follows an incident that proved to be the deadliest single event for the IDF amid the ground operation, with 21 Israeli soldiers losing their lives. “The ground troops continue their mission with determination,” Hagari said.

In the press briefing, he spoke of at least 100 casualties for Hamas today alone on the Khan Yunis front and that a primary objective is the elimination of “small Hamas pockets” at the Gaza-Israel border that threaten the border areas.

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