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Kalashnikov presented its new S-8L missile


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Andrei Semyonov, the first deputy general director of Kalashnikov Corporation, said to reporters at the Army 2021 forum, that Kalashnikov presented a new S8L guided missile for the first time in the context of the forum, with which helicopters can be equipped.

At the Kalashnikov Experimental Center was presented a drone designed by the company “Strela” with three missiles “S8L”.

“Today, our group of companies is working with the Strela Research and Production Company to adapt the new S8L missile to a helicopter,” said Semyonov.

Semyonov mentioned that the use of this missile can lead to the destruction of both mobile and stationary individual and group targets. The missile contains a semi-active laser homing head and a high-explosive warhead, with a range of 6 kilometers.

It is also designed for use by helicopters and aircraft that previously used the unguided version of the S8 missile.

Kalashnikov also presented at the forum, a prototype of the BK20 submachine gun.

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