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Taliban sending fighters to seize the resisting province of Panjshir

Taliban sending fighters to seize the resisting province of Panjshir - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

The Taliban announced on Sunday, they are sending hundreds of their fighters to seize the northern Afghan province of Panjshir, where resisting groups against the new Taliban regime have been formed.

Hundreds of Islamic Emirate fighters are heading towards the Panjshir province to establish control over it since the local authorities refused to transfer control over the region peacefully,” the Taliban stated via Twitter.

International media state that Ahmad Massoud, leader of the resistance, has begun negotiations with Taliban representatives to create an inclusive government and overcome political divisions.

On Friday, Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation and one of the members of the Afghan Coordination Council for the Peaceful Transfer of Power, announced the start of negotiations with the leaders of the Panjshir province, in particular with theologians, Elders and military commanders of the region.


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