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Khalifa Haftar’s private plane landed in Israel


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It appears that on Thursday a private plane belonging to Libyan Marshal Khalifa Haftar landed in Israel, according to flight observed via flightradar24.

Khalifa Haftar Israel Tel Aviv GEOPOLITIKI
Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, where Khalifa Haftar’s plane landed

This is also confirmed by Israeli media reporting specifically that the aircraft after a short flight to Cyprus landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport where it stayed for about two hours.

It has not been known who was on board the plane and why it landed in Israel, but the exact same incident happened again a few months ago and Israeli media had reported that the purpose of the plane’s stop in Tel Aviv was Saddam Haftar, the son of Khalifa Haftar, to meet with Israeli officials.

Specifically, it was reported that Saddam Haftar wanted to seek political support from the state of Israel in anticipation of the Libyan elections scheduled for December 24th 2021.

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