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Cooperation in Eastern Mediterranean: Greece and Libya to set direct flights - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Cooperation in Eastern Mediterranean: Greece and Libya to set direct flights

The chargé d'affaires of the Greek Embassy in Libya, Ioannis Stamatekos, and the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), Yousef Al-Aghouri, had an online meeting during which they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. The two diplomats also discussed ways to facilitate travel between the…

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Libya – Election process stopped

The head of Libya's High National Electoral Commission (HNEC) ordered the dissolution of election commissions across the country, practically postponing the country's presidential elections scheduled to be held on December 24th. A leaked document by Imad al-Sayeh dated December 20th refers to the "dissolution of electoral regional and local offices and committees". A member of HNEC's administrative council on Tuesday confirmed the authenticity…

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Turkish soldiers Libya

56 Turkish soldiers were dismissed after being mistreated in Libya

The Turkish Armed Forces have dismissed 56 non-commissioned officers serving in Libya after filing a collective complaint against their superiors, effectively claiming that they have become slaves to Libyan soldiers. 56 Turkish army soldiers filed a collective complaint to the Communications Directorate of the Turkish Presidency, claiming that they had suffered psychological and physical harassment…

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CHAOS IN LIBYA: Turkish involvement – Khalifa Haftar & the Return of Gaddafi

According to Turkish Defense Ministry spokeswoman Pinar Kara, Turkey will continue its military assistance to Libya under a bilateral agreement with the internationally recognized legitimate government. - More than 6,000 Libyan soldiers have been trained by the Turkish army, while another 974 are currently in training and the Turkish-run hospital in Tripoli has treated more…

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