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LEO1 FIRE FIGHTING TANK: The Greek army beasts that fight wildfires

leopard firefighters what are the army beasts that fight fires

Fire fighting leopard tanks were deployed by the Greek army on the fire fronts to step up efforts to put out the fires. The fire fighting tanks belong to the Greek Armor Training Center in Avlona that gave orders to these greek modified leopard tanks to move on any fire front if its deemed necessary.

These tanks are called “OLYMPUS”, “DEFKALION” and “DAVID”. “DAVID” had participated in the operations in Kastanies of Evros after Turkey tried to push more than 100.000 immigrants illegally to Greece in 2020. The tanks were built with greek modification in 2014 by the 304 Advanced Base Factory of the Greek Armed Forces.

They have a capacity of 12.5 tons and a range of about 35 meters, while they have the advantage that they can operate in inaccessible places that can not be approached by vehicles of the fire brigade since they are built at the base of the Leopard 1A5 tank.

The Greek army fire fighting tanks have been built initially to be used in shooting ranges but are now playing an active role in the country’s difficult effort to extinguish fires at the request of the Greek Civil Protection.

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