LNA occupied camp next to the Libyan oil fields


On Monday, the Libyan National Army (LNA) managed to take full control of the Al-Maghawir camp in Ubari, after weeks of clashes with armed militias.

Ageela Al-Saber, a member of the Military Media Department, said LNA forces had managed to oust the government of national accord (GNA).

Al-Saber also said the LNA had arrested three terrorists involved in kidnapping and extortion crimes in southern Libya.

Due to the strategic location of the camp close to the southern oil fields, al-Maghawir could be used as a checkpoint for Libyan oil.

Speaking to reporters, al-Saber said the LNA had given the militia a deadline to withdraw, but they refused.

He added that as soon as LNA forces completed control of the camp, the Air Force inspected the Ubari and Murjuk areas to make sure they were secured.

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