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MASSIVE MILITARY DRILLS: Russian and Belarusian Forces send a clear message to NATO


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Russia Launched massive military drills with Belarus as the exercise Zapad 2021 kicks off involving 200.000 troops covering the entire territory of Belarus sending a clear message to NATO forces.

Coming from that, on September 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that fighter jets of the Russian and Belarusian air forces began joint rotation work for air border patrols with the Russian Defense Ministry claiming that the combined forces are ready to fulfill any combat mission.

On the same day, the activities of the joint strategic military training between Russia and Belarus, known as “ZAPAD (West) 2021 maneuvers”, were launched on the territory of Russia and Belarus, with the participation of 200,000 troops, about 80 aircraft, and helicopters, 760 military vehicles and 15 ships.

The Russian Ministry of Defense indicated that the activities of the exercise include, for the first time, the parachute landing of an entire battalion, consisting of at least 30 BMD-4M paratrooper combat vehicles.

Russian Su-30SM fighters take off to the sky to conduct joint Russian-Belarusian security patrols to secure the borders of western Belarus from Baranovichi Airport in Brest Province, which will host the new joint training center of the Russian and Belarusian Air Forces.

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