GREEK SPIKE NLOS, TORPEDOES, AND UAVs Cause anxiety in the Turkish media


A Turkish newspaper republished by several Turks states that Greece has been upset by the “successes” of the Turkish defense industry and has therefore proceeded to purchase weapons systems.

More specifically, the newspaper said: “Greece, which began to look for countermeasures for each new entry of a weapons system into the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), met with the Israelis immediately after the formal acceptance of the Turkish AKINCI UAV”

The Turkish newspaper, despite presenting Turkey before as a small superpower, seems to be anxious about the Greek armaments as it goes into details about the supply of the Greek army of a large number of SPIKE NLOS missiles from Israel in an agreement that according to the Turks cost Greece about 250 million euros.

The newspaper also points out that Greece is also investing in the purchase and production of national UAVs with the main purpose of competing with the Turkish “Blue Homeland” and surpassing the success of the Turkish UAVs. The newspaper also mentions that Greece bought 44 new type torpedoes from Germany.

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