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MIT agents ‘stopped Iranian assassination plan’ of Turkish-Israeli businessman


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The pro-government Turkish newspaper Sabah reports that agents of the Turkish secret services stopped the murder of a Turkish-Israeli businessman named Yair Geller.

Specifically, Turkish media report that the execution would take place in response to the murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist, Mosheen Fahrizadeh, and that through MIT’s research, a network of Iranian spies was still revealed.

Moschen Fahrizadeh had been assassinated on November 27, 2020, with many media outlets at the time saying that Israel was behind his assassination.

In the recent incident with the Turkish-Israeli businessman, the Turkish secret service, MIT, arrested eight Iranian agents last week on suspicion of planning the murder of Yair Geller.

Now if this news comes quite coincidentally to add at a time when Turkey is trying to rekindle its relations with Israel, it matters little, the important thing is that a man was saved.

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