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NATO Prepares for a Russian invasion


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The NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg told the Telegraph in an interview that the alliance would deploy a full-fledged permanent military force on its border with Russia to defend its territory against a possible Russian invasion.

NATO Prepares for a Russian invasion
Javelin missile PHOTO By The U.S. Army

According to NATO Secretary-General, the alliance is “in the midst of a very fundamental transformation” that will reflect the “long-term consequences” of the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Telegraph, Stoltenberg said: “What we are seeing now is a new reality, a new regularity for European security. “Therefore, we have now asked our military commanders to provide options for what we call a resumption, a longer-term NATO adjustment.”

NATO Prepares for a Russian invasion
Photo by Håkan Dahlström, CC BY 2.0

The alliance now maintains a small deterrent presence in western Russia. According to the Daily Mail, the number of NATO troops has increased tenfold to 40,000 since the invasion of Ukraine.

NATO Prepares for a Russian invasion
PHOTO By By Carl Ridderstråle – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia

According to the Telegraph, the “reset” to which Stoltenberg referred would mean the development of sufficient forces to repel any attack by Russian troops against NATO members.

In addition, on Friday NATO allies decided to send more military aid to Ukraine.

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