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NEW: Assad deployed “BUK M2” against unidentified Israeli missiles


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According to Military Watch, a military magazine specialized in equipment and weapons, the airstrike carried out by Israel on Syria a few days ago witnessed a new reaction, as the Syrian army deployed the latest Russian-made air defence system “Buk M2”.

According to the military sources, the Syrian air defences succeeded in shooting down the Israeli air-to-surface missiles of unknown classification.

“Syrian defences succeed in shooting down Israeli missiles”

The magazine quoted the Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, Rear Admiral Vadim Kolet, who confirmed that the Buk M2 air defences had intercepted and shot down 4 Israeli missiles.

Admiral Kolet confirmed that “all 4 missiles were destroyed by the Russian-made Buk M2E systems belonging to the Syrian Air Defense Forces.”

According to the magazine, the “Buk-M2” system has proven its high efficiency and capability since its entry into active service in the mid-2000s and has repeatedly proven its high effectiveness in combat.

In addition to this system, the Syrian army owns the long-range “S-300” system, which was first put into operation in Russian service in 1997.

Arab countries have enhanced their capabilities by owning the system

Buk M2 systems were exported to many countries around the world, including Egypt, Algeria, Iran and Venezuela, and were used on a very large scale in many battles.

Syria received its first units of this system in 2011. According to the source, it has 8 batteries of this unique system.

A high-ranking security source had told “Sputnik Arabic” that the Syrian air defences had confronted Israeli missiles fired from over Lebanese territory, and had tried to target some military sites in the vicinity of the city of Homs (Wednesday night / Thursday morning).

In the same regard, the Syrian news agency “SANA” said that the Israelis targeted the Al-Qusayr area in the Homs countryside.

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