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New Year’s rocket attack against Israel


On Saturday while the whole world was celebrating the New Year, Israel was attacked by rockets from Gaza. Israel, of course, did not leave the attack unanswered and in turn, launched an attack against the Gaza Strip.

According to announcements by the IDF, Hamas forces targeted Israel with 2 rockets on Saturday morning, and then the Israeli army struck important Hamas points in Gaza.

Specifically, the announcements of the Israeli armed forces on Twitter state:

“This morning, 2 rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel. According to protocol, no sirens were sounded and no interception took place as the rockets landed in the sea off the coast of central Israel.”

“As fireworks lit up the skies to celebrate the New Year around the world, a different type of fire came from Gaza – terrorist rocket-fire toward Israel. In response, we just struck Hamas sites in Gaza, including a rocket manufacturing site & military posts used for terrorist activity.”

Israeli media say that Hamas forces tried unsuccessfully to strike an Israeli helicopter with anti-aircraft missiles and that more rockets were fired against Israel on Sunday.

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