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North Korea conducted a new test of a MLRS


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North Korea conducted a successful test of a large MLRS on Thursday (October 31), according to the official NK news agency, KCNA, which released the results today.

It was the first time a weapon system had been tested since North Korea stated on October 2nd that it had successfully tested a missile capable of launching underwater (SLBM).

As reported by KCNA, the test carried out yesterday was intended to “validate the safe operation of continuous launcher firing.” According to the news agency, Kim Jongun expressed “pleasure” and “congratulations” to the scientists who worked on the weapon system, among other things.

The identical weapon system had previously been tested in August and December of the previous year. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), this “continuous fire system” is capable of “totally eliminating” a target group with a single unexpected strike.

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