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“Only mutants will survive”: Russian state TV host warns of a “massive nuclear strike”


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Vladimir Solovyov, a host on Russian state television, issued a warning that there will be a “massive nuclear strike” if the NATO continues to support Ukraine. 

Solovyov, who has close links with Putin, was speaking on Russia-1. He was alluding to individual member states of NATO transferring weaponry to Ukraine amid the ongoing war.

Russian, nuclear
Photo by Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0

Solovyov has asserted that the globe is “descending into bloody pages of world history.”

“If everything keeps progressing the way it is, only a couple of mutants in Lake Baikal will survive. The rest will be destroyed in a massive nuclear strike. Everything is moving in that direction, regardless of what either side wants,” he claimed.

Russian, nuclear
Photo by Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0

“Because if NATO decides they can place whatever they want at our borders, they’ll be sending more and more of American weapons to Ukraine, Ukraine will fire and end up hitting one of our nuclear power plants, and here we go. Everyone will get more than they asked for. Bang! And there’s nothing left,” he added.

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