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PKK bombed Turkish military airport in Diyarbakir


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Kurds attacked with improvised unmanned model aircraft carrying explosives at the Turkish air base in Diyarbakir last night in an unexpected development that is the first bombing of a Turkish military airport by a hostile to Turkey force in decades.

The Turkish military officially announced the event and several photos that although we cannot confirm their authenticity show a large enough explosion on the runway of the Turkish military airport where both F4 and F16 of Turkey are based.

“At approximately 00:30, an attempt was made to attack the 8th Air Force Command in Diyarbakir with model aircraft. There was no damage or injury to our base. Necessary measures have been taken at our base,” concluded the Turkish announcement.

However, immediately after the announcement was published on Twitter, the Turkish General Staff deleted the post and anything about it.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu also confirmed the news.

PKK bombed Turkish military airport in Diyarbakir

The Base is a target of the PKK as turkish air force fighters from there paticipate in the bombing against PKK in Northern Iraq.

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